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Hipsteer is a small but rapidly growing company. With our main headquarters in London, we also have a United States office in Portland, Oregon and representative agents in Japan, Germany, Scandinavia and Australia. All Hipsteer employees are active cyclists and most ride to work every day. A passion for road racing is at the heart of our company culture and is supported by regular company rides, sportive trips and racing.

We aim to make buying Hipsteer products as easy and convenient as possible. We also back up our products with long lasting guarantees and the very highest standards of after sales service. Hipsteer is more than just an online retailer and we aim to foster long lasting relationships with other road riders as passionate as ourselves. It is for this reason that the Hipsteer customer service team consults regularly with customers about products, rides and the latest developments in pro racing.

Our products


Road riding is tough enough without having to compromise on quality. The Hipsteer range uses only the finest materials, components and detailing to create exceptional apparel and accessories.

Every Hipsteer product is conceived and developed by active road riders. The Hipsteer range combines the latest technology with a host of rider-inspired features, each carefully developed to make every ride more rewarding.

Hipsteer's style is classic and understated. From the tailored fit of Hipsteer jerseys to the pared down styling of Hipsteer gilets and jackets, every item is designed to be as elegant as it is flattering.

Hipsteer branding is discreet. We include only the highest quality fabrics and trims and don’t use the outside of our products to advertise branded components. Unlike most clothing brands in the sport, Hipsteer believes performance technology should speak for itself. What you will find is an engaging story tucked away in most Hipsteer products and which connects the garment to the sport.

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